Daily Message, May 23, 2024

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Happy Wesak Festival!!!  For those who are not aware, the Wesak also known as Vesak is a festival in Tibet and Asia. It comes on the Full Moon in May for the birthday of Buddha. 

Today is that day!!  What it represents is a day that through the full moon Buddha & Yeshua return to Earth to anchor their energies again. I’m sure there is a lot more that people celebrate, but that is what I align with.  What is very cool is that last year and this year Yeshua & Buddha are present in much greater physicality than ever before.  They are once again anchoring the light and sending it out into all of humanity.  On this day, I invite you to tap into their energies.  Open the unconditional flow of love and light and allow it to hear, transform, or give you whatever you may seek or need to have. 



The Wesak Festival – A New Beginning — Channel from the Goddess

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