Channeled Message

There is the still the 3-D element upon the earth and the 3-D is what you use as like your foundation.  That is the vibration that has been upon the earth perhaps going back as far as Lemuria.  As was spoken before, there may have been a pocket, an island, a community, a group of people and they would expand out and raise the vibration of that area, that we create changes; sometimes they could only go so far and then it would stop.

The ascension is the movement from the third dimension into the fourth and the fifth.  Within each dimension, there is greater and lesser density.  That density is what holds you in the very hard, solid non-movement of the third dimension similar to what it was like when Jesus walked upon the earth.  The third dimension that you have right now is not nearly as dense, however, it is still anchored in control and manipulation; that seeking to find balance through good, bad; dark, light; as if you have to prove a reason for what it is.