Daily Message May 12, 2021

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Channeled Message

People have spoken about the second coming of Christ. Many people would like for that to be me physically walking upon the Earth, greeting you and healing you. I do walk upon the Earth from time to time but not often. What the biggest change about ascension is not that I am doing it for you, but that you are doing it for you. No longer can it be someone outside of you doing the work for you and then you step in and you are there. Every single person needs to make the commitment to ascend.

Now as I say that there may be some of you that have done exactly that. “I am committed I will do all that is necessary to help this earth ascend.” There are others that have never consciously spoken words of that nature. However, they have unconsciously or through their Soul essence, they have been exactly in that space. As more and more people upon the Earth speak out about this then everyone will know. You can feel the ripples of energy that are moving through all that are here.

We are now in a time when faith is so crucial! Believe in the ascension. Believe in the higher frequency of love and light. 

Yeshua Activates the Ascension for All 




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