Daily Message March 29, 2020

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Channeled Message

Speaking of how your perception affects your consciousness:

The reason why it feels important to me to discuss this is because you have an intrinsic way of looking at your life, and then you have the way that is conditioned because of your life experiences.  It doesn’t have to be just one or the other.  It can be everything in the now moment and it can change moment-to-moment to moment. 

So, take this now moment and truly be honest with yourself.  Be honest with how are you feel about yourself, about your life.  In your honesty feel what that is within.  Feel what that is to you.  Feel how you are able to not only allow your intrinsic aspect of you to be the foundation, but that you can also make conscious choices for where this is and what you are. 

Reprogram Your Consciousness

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