Daily Message March 17, 2020

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Goddess Messages | 0 comments

Channeled Message

As you look at yourself without the distractions that make up your life, I ask for you to look inside for your soul. Where is your soul seated within that physical body? As you’re looking at yourself the human, is there that sense that there is just a tiny little spark or is it a flame that encompasses you? Through your conscious intention as if you are opening up your heart just flow your divinity into the physical person that is you and watch, watch what happens.

In just about every single one of you, as you make that conscious link between your consciousness, your soul and your human self, it was as if it all grew expanding. Your soul has always been there. Your soul will always be there. Nothing can remove it until it is your time to transition; therefore, understand that this flame that is your soul, that is in your core essence is there to create the balance, the expansion and to help you truly integrate all that is within your life. In fact, I saw in some of you as soon as your create integrated it was like there was this growth, this expansion, that those individuals that saw themselves as small were suddenly big, they pullback in all of the other aspects of themselves letting go what no longer works.

This is a lot to process, so take a moment to breathe deeply allow the energies to move through you and any insights to flow within. 

Embrace Self Love

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