Daily Message, March 13, 2023

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Channeled Message

Look at the other space. Look at your life. If you have a chronic problem or something that you have been seeking for a very long time that is not manifesting, look at it in this space that is part of your conscious awareness. Then look at your unconscious and say why? What do I need to know so that I can transition this? Is there something in my unconscious that I need to become aware of so that I can manifest what I seek to have?

When you ask that direct question for many of you things popped up within your unconscious. Something’s popped up as an image, as a word, as a video clip. But when you have something that you’ve worked on for a very long time, or something that you’ve wanted to move away from and it’s just not working, then take this opportunity to ask what do I need to know or perhaps what do I need to do so that I can move beyond this space in which I am right now?

Awareness Creates Balance

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