Channeled Message 

What is love?  Are you open to receive love?  Can you share love with those who are around you?  Take a moment and gather your intention around love allowing for all of that to come to shift and move through your consciousness into your physical reality. 

Take a moment to just feel who you are.  Ask what is love to me?  Accept yourself, honor yourself, appreciate who you are.  As that fills you up from within you send it out into the world. 

You have opportunities that come to you in many, many different ways.  This different format may be through others, through what you read, through your daily experience, perhaps through meditation.  As you create within your daily life create from a place of love.  As you have that intention immediately the flow of the crystalline vibration, and the flow of your divinity, magnifies within and around you.  Be love in all that you do. 

All About Love