Channeled Message

During the meditation when we are in the All That Is, a great deal is taking place.  The Goddess also creates alignments so that you will then have the experience in your everyday life.  The All That Is is FILLED with love and support.  Take a deep breath in, creating that reality; then:

If you allow yourself to be in this moment, where you are here in this space, where you are surrounded by that which supports you and helps you to feel good and then you allow that situation to come up for you, in most cases immediately your vibration lowers because when you are in a place of anger it drops your vibration. When you are in a place of fear it drops your vibration. When you are in a place perhaps of vengeance it drops your vibration; so, in other words, the results of what that situation may be is causing you to have this lower vibration because those emotions or perhaps the belief system continues to be dragging within you. Sometimes it’s a dull ache that just won’t go away. So, for whatever reason, you have those or any other emotions that are pulling you down take a moment and just feel the vibration of forgiveness as it moves through you.

You could also right on the heels of that, bring through the vibration of love.

The Vibration of Forgiveness