Channeled Message

In the midst of speaking about forgiveness, to me this is the essence of the message:

There are many, many situations in which you can ask for forgiveness or say you forgive an individual and it creates a greater communication between you and that person and it releases old stuck energy and it can be extremely helpful to you. That is one path of forgiveness. However, another path of forgiveness is one in which you focus upon the vibration of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the vibration that is intended to come within you, be it here in the All That Is or in your everyday reality and forgiveness works with the vibration of love to transform your energy. Consider something within your life in which you’ve been carrying around a burden, maybe it was something you did to somebody else that created hurt both for you and that person, maybe it was something that somebody else did to you and you’ve carried around the pain, the sorrow, the anger of whatever that situation might be.

The vibration of Forgiveness