Channeled Message

Indeed, I invite you to have the intention that you allow the vibration of love to actually move through you into that signature cell within you.  That space which is your core.  That space where cell upon cell upon cell is regenerated again and again and again.  Infuse it with love and you may find that love is already very much a part of that cellular structure.  However, we are infusing it with a conscious love. 

The conscious love that is unconditional and through this unconditional love you feel compassion, awareness, strength, empowerment, the ability to manifest anything within your life, because your foundation is love.  As we amplify that it is as if you are loving and nurturing those cells and then it moves from cell, to cell, to cell as if it begins to circulate throughout your entire body.  The vibration of love goes within every muscle within you, every organ within you.  Every part of what makes you human is infused with the vibration of love. 

You Are Love!