Daily Message June 13, 2020

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Channeled Message

Speaking of when Yeshua joined Buddha in the high meadow: 

As Yeshua arrives he looks around acknowledging all that are present at this moment. The two of them embrace and in doing so there is a ball of light that is created by their combined energies. This ball of light, takes on its own vibration, it is as if there are sparkles, it is a pure white light, however, there are gold and silver colors that you see coming out from this ball of light.

This light is going to go throughout the entire valley. It will connect with every person that is present. And no matter how many it connects to, is always the same pure crystalline vibration as if it is directly coming from them into you. I would, therefore, allow them each to speak with you as this orb or ball of light moves into every person that is present.

Take a deep breath with the intention of receiving this orb of light.

Ascended Wesak Festival

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