Daily Message, June 28, 2022

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Channeled Message

As I look at you, I can see that most everyone is very focused on their own creation. I invite you to understand the ways in which creations work upon the earth. When you are focusing upon your own life or doing something with your own life, it creates a frequency and a vibration that moves out from you sometimes in concentric circles, sometimes in a plane of energy; it just depends on what is happening within and around you.

As those waves of energy move out, they find an alignment with others of a similar frequency. And then as it merges with them, what you are seeking to create is now being supported by other energies, by other frequencies. And then as that continues to grow, more and more and more come within that space.  As they are merging, sometimes merging in such a way that multiple people have the same intention, other times, completely separate ideas and intentions, however, the frequency remains the same. So not only does it support that which is consistent but that which is unique. .~whew~ Send it out, send it through on every level!

This is available to you from the All That Is.  Take a deep breath in to expand your alignment. 

Distractions & the Lunar Eclipse


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