Daily Message June 24, 2019

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Channeled Message

So, the next step for many of you is to transition, to leave behind, or allow it to transform into whatever it is next for you.  Many of these Guides and Angels that you have worked with all along are still going to be there in your heart, in your daily meditations and prayers.  I would invite you to ask to open up the door, or create a new alignment, so that you may now open up to that next level of vibration.  It may create a sense of feeling as if they were new; as if you don’t recognize it; so it is something new and different.  However, as you allowed yourself to be in that vibrational flow and feel that essence as it moves through, you may find that it’s still the same Guides that you have always had.  However, you are all creating a new relationship from a new place. 

What does that mean?  Is that going to have an impact on your everyday life?  It absolutely could.  However, I understand humanity and most people just continue to go along moving through their days, day by day by day just seeing how things will unfold.

Self Love is a Column of Light

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