Daily Message June 23, 2019

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Channeled Message

Sometimes I hear you asking where are my Angels, where are my Guides, where is Metatron, Melchizedek, Quan Yin?  Where are all these beings that have been in and out of these teleconferences throughout the years?  One aspect of the ascension process is that you now have a new alignment with these many energies that are here in support of you. 

As you’ve moved to the next level of alignment, or for some of you it is as if you stepped up 1,2,3, or multiple steps, when you get to a particular vibration it is no longer as if they are the Guides and you are different.  There is no longer that sense of they have arrived and you have not, they are better than you.  This is all a matter of you stepping into the presence and the power.  Power is not really the best word, but stepping into the presence and the reality that you have within you.  The ability to transform everything or anything within your life.

Self Love is a Column of Light

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