Channeled Message

Especially good to hear this during the Solstice!!

The vibration of the Earth is transforming in a very dramatic format.  The vibration of the Earth is something that is from the very center of the earth, throughout the layers and throughout the atmosphere that is above the Earth.  It is aligned to the many different levels of vibration.  Vibration could be called a dimension.  It could be called a state of consciousness.  There can be any number of different ways in which you can describe it.  For this now moment allow the focus to be upon the vibration in which you are at this moment. 

As we speak of the Earth moving through vibrations it is not as if more vibrations are now coming through into the Earth.  What is happening is that as you peel away the density, and as you peel away the lower vibration, you are accessing the higher vibration or the higher dimensions that have always been here, but have been blocked.  The collective consciousness continues to transform.

Self Love is a Column of Light