Daily Message June 21, 2019

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Goddess Messages | 0 comments

Welcome to the June Solstice!!  Is it your summer or winter?  I always love how this balances the world.  On the one hand, people are experiencing the shortest day of the year while at the same time it is the longest.  The intrinsic balance is something that Gaia shares with us and when we seek our own balance we can reach for the earth. 

I invite you on this day of the solstice to take time and connect with the outdoors.  Do you most resonate with the trees, grass, flowers or perhaps a garden?  Do you prefer the water, such as a lake, the ocean, boating or swimming?   Do you prefer the mountains or plains? 

For me, if I have my choice I love the mountains.  Near me, I have one of the oldest mountain ranges on earth and it is filled with amazing energy and beauty. 

Enjoy your day!  Enjoy the outdoors!  Create an intention for the next few months. 


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