Daily Message June 18, 2020

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Channeled Message

Yeshua Speaks:

They spoke of the miracle that I performed. When you are as one with your soul it is not a miracle it is but an expression of you in that moment. When I would heal people, I was aligned with my divinity and all of that was around me and I would help that individual align with their divinity so that that oneness would become their reality.

When one is ill or diseased there is some part of them that is disconnected from source; your emotions, your beliefs, your reality. In this new vibration being one with source, one with your soul will be much easier to manifest and it will also happen in a very unconscious manner that you then bring forth in a conscious manner.

People upon the earth are speaking of the fifth dimension. They are speaking of the fourth consciousness; they are speaking about expanded awareness, Ascension.

Ascended Wesak Festival

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