Daily Message June 16, 2020

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Channeled Message

Buddha Speaks:

I speak of the earth. I always feel such great emotion when I am upon the earth with Gaia. Your planet is sacred. Gaia is sacred. There are many, many Angels, Light Beings, Masters, who are working very diligently from a nonphysical realm to assist you in your physical realm. What I hold sacred is that earth, animals, humanity, trees, rocks, water, everything is united as one. It is a vibration associated with everything upon the earth and that vibration is anchored as one.

Feel what I speak about as I amplify that within you. When you know that you are one with all you can feel the consciousness of the trees, the consciousness of the earth, the water, the consciousness of humanity. Oh, what chaos that can be! Let’s find within you the love and as you send for the love into humanity you receive back even more love into your life.

Ascended Wesak Festival

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