Channeled Message

This experience was different than other Wesak experiences.  They called in the directions as the Shamans frequently will do.  As you read this, feel how Buddha & Jesus reach out to all, calling in everyone upon the planet.  

I invite each of you to receive the message of what the chant is for you. We see them. They face east. There is a semicircle of their supporters, some of whom live upon the earth, some of whom do not. So, as they finished the chant in one direction, they moved to the South and they speak again. Buddha is speaking in his native language, which we are unable to translate through Shelly, we, therefore, convey to you telepathically the essence of his message. He says, “I welcome to the earth all who have been, all who will be and I gather the energies of the South”, we see them turning to face the West. So, the East was the “Ohmmm”, the south was welcoming, the West we feel Jesus as he speaks, “We welcome to the people of the West. We invite you to be a part of our process tonight as we manifest upon the earth. We are open to the people of the West” and they face to the North. This time Buddha and Christ together express “We welcome the people of the North. We are open to receive and we are open to give to the people of the North. All are welcome”.

Wesak Love