Daily Message June 15, 2019

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Channeled Message

Do you remember hat it feels like when you look back at something that just seemed like it would be impossible to accomplish?  

This is always a topic and something that we think about, we talk about, we connect into, however, for so many people it is almost becoming as if “Oh yeah, I’ve done that”, “Oh yeah, I’ve been there” “Oh yes, I’m doing it”. It is no longer something that feels way out there and different as if “Gosh, there is no way I could do that” or “I have got a lot of work to do”, instead, it is slowly and gently becoming the norm for you in this life.

That is exciting to me because it is an indicator of how far you have come and how far not only we have come in the ways in which we work together but the ways in which the flow from the universe into the earth and the earth back to the universe. So I thank you for inviting me in, I thank you for anchoring these energies and I thank you for being a part of this process of transformation. It is here, it is happening and it is powerful.

Wesak Love

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