Daily Message June 04, 2021

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Channeled Message

Now then, there is your unconscious aspect which is also a part of this consciousness. It is that part of which you are unaware but it has a direct influence on you at all times. That is the part coming in from your right brain abstract thinking that comes down from your soul. That is nudging you to open to new potentials to try something different, to perhaps take a different way to work and see what you might notice or to reconnect with a friend from the past with whom you haven’t spoken.

So that unconscious part of your consciousness is that guidepost that helps you in your everyday life. For so much of humanity, their unconsciousness has been somewhat hitting a brick wall because humanity has not paid attention. So, therefore, as humanity awakens and that opens up doors more of every single person’s unconscious can come into their everyday life and therefore their consciousness expands.

I know this seems as if I’m talking in circles, however, if you can read what it says, then let it percolate in the back of  your mind, it will help with expanding your awareness. 

Awakening Expands Consciousness

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