Channeled Message

You consist of waves of multiple energies that represent your different vibrations.  These are from your thoughts, emotions, physical reality and more:

So, this surrounding energy comes from the vibration of your Divinity, which is that unconditional love the God Source; the essence of all that is love, acceptance, truth, reality.  That vibration surrounds everything and it permeates into everything.  So this creates you the human, you the person, the person that is more than that in this lifetime, the person that has had multiple lifetimes, the person that is divine, the person that has their ups and their downs, and then that energy is associated into the Collective Consciousness. 

I frequently will invite people to disconnect from the Collective Consciousness.  If there is any high vibration that is part of that you can tap into that yourself from the crystalline.  You need not go through the Collective Consciousness. 

Becoming You