Daily Message, July 27, 2021

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Channeled Message

Confirmation of our changing times:

On this the day of the solstice join with me to see that massive influx of light that illuminates everything and as it’s pulling out and clearing out all of that negativity and that control it seals off the third dimension so that it may no longer have an impact upon the planet! ~whew~ ~whew~ ~whew~

It was like I was seeing particles and energy moving back and forth some very, very quickly that is beyond what I could see, and things that were being cleared out are not only being cleared out of your planet and this universe but they’re going to other universes, other places that are in a vibrational alignment for those experiences. And as that takes place you can see literally the expansion of love. Love is a frequency, it may have a color, it may be an image to you but this just infuses everywhere upon the planet!

The Solstice Assists the Integration of Timelines


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