Daily Message, July 22, 2021

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Channeled Message

As we’ve spoken about the time in which you are living right now, we frequently will talk about the unique opportunity that you have. You are the ones manifesting the higher frequency on the earth.  You are the ones working with Gaia and the universe to anchor this into a new reality and a new truth.  This is also going to give you an opportunity almost as if to say ‘I have a new life moving forward. I am still in the same house, the same job, the same relationships’ but I have a new life going forward’.

‘And within that new reality, I am going to vibrate and align with that higher frequency that allows me all of those new gifts and abilities that go along with the higher frequency’.

Here is the key to creating change!!!

So, what happens as you accept that or that becomes your truth or your reality. you then find a new connection in your relationships instead of one that has vibrated in a particular manner it gives you and the other individual the opportunity to come back in a new higher frequency.

It gives you an opportunity to look at the work that you are doing from that new higher frequency.  All of these are various opportunities that will assist you in manifesting the fifth dimensional reality.

5th Dimensional Love & Higher Consciousness


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