Daily Message, July 19, 2021

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Channeled Message

Speaking of the All That Is and creating in your life:

Ask to know if you may have put forth an intention of what you wish to have; be it experiences, things that you wanted in your life, relationships, or personal growth.  For so many people I can see that there are literally burdens that sometimes they were intentions, sometimes they were disappointments.

I, therefore, ask you to take this moment and consciously look at your life. If there is anything that as yet has not manifested for you ask for it to populate.  For some, you immediately know what this is about, for others it’s almost like little things will pop up standing out from the waves of energy that is your life. What I am feeling is that there are so many of you that are carrying around these burdens and they’re just weighing you down. So, as you look at your life, take whatever those burdens may be ~whew~ let them go.

The Solstice Assists the Integration of Timelines

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