Daily Message, July 18, 2021

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Channeled Message

Create an intention that you may come here as often as possible.

Look out, your soul is that which is you.  Your soul is the culmination of the many, many pieces of you. And I ask you just to have a sense of just quieting your thoughts quieting your energy so that you may simply feel who you are. Within this space, you may be multiple beautiful colors and light. Within this space, you may see the actual lifetimes that you have lived. Within this space, you have that direct link into that central sun from which souls are created.  You have a direct alignment to the creation that has made you; you as your soul, you as this brilliant evolved individual.

As i speak those words, I notice that many of you are able to tune into the aspects of you that you might not have noticed at first.  You are limitless! You are vast! You are pure unconditional love!

The Solstice Assists the Integration of Timelines

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