Daily Message, July 14, 2021

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Channeled Message

Ask yourself if there is perhaps a word, or a symbol, or a gesture that will represent opening up to your high frequency intuition. As you consider what may come to you have a sense of looking to the side and you bring back into this space those things that represent you as the human. It may seem as if they are separated, but begin to merge. See how your Divinity moves into those various aspects of your personality, your experiences, your belief systems, whatever it may be that makes you the human observe how they blend so that your spirituality illuminates everything that is within you and that you are about in your everyday life. Everything flows together.

For many people, it is very helpful to have a word or a symbol that bypasses the analytical mind.  I invite you to go inside and ask if there is something that works for you. 

Experience Your Intuition through Your Divinity

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