Daily Message July 11, 2020

by | Jul 11, 2020 | Goddess Messages | 0 comments

Channeled Message

Your recent time upon the earth has had a great deal of chaos; this is pushing everybody to make a choice. Are you choosing to align with those individuals that support violence as a means of getting across what they want to do? In many of these cases, the violence is just for pure destructive, destruction. Is just there to be radical and create that burst of that low vibrational energy. Others are utilizing that to try to control people through fear, “If you don’t do what we say we’ll let even more rioters come to your town”.

And what does that cause the average person to do? Many may step into fear, especially if you’re in the midst of all of that; however, more and more and more are making choices. They’re saying, “I’m not going to support anything that wants to pull me down or hurt my community”.

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