Daily Message July 11, 2019

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Channeled Message

Every creation has its own vibration, therefore if you have created for yourself the experience of lack, then it’s a vibration for everything that has to do with lack in your life, be it lack of money, lack of family, lack of a home, lack of job. Lack in any sort is a particular vibration and as we are looking at this with you, you will see that those in that same experience are in a particular place.

If you seek to experience love, love is quite diverse, so as you look at people where that is their focus you will see that there is quite a large vibration. There is unconditional love, there is the love of partners, parents, and children, friendship, there is the love that is not healthy but it is perceived as love. So as you look at love and as we are looking at these vibrations with you it is as if there is this large bubble out here in the All That Is and within that vibration people are having experience after experience after experience. Perhaps some of that is with you. I would then invite you to just take a moment as if you are opening up a doorway or as if you are opening up the energy around you and ask to be shown, “What is my vibration teaching me in this now moment?”

Hidden Potentials

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