Channeled Message

Speaking of what is happening in the world:  However, the chaos or the perception of chaos is coming from people’s ego or their human perspective.  The vibration of the 5th Dimension is like this slow-moving lava flow so to speak that is just moving throughout everything upon the Earth transitioning and shifting the vibration so that everything steps into its highest potential.  Where there is resistance is where you see all the bulk and the turmoil that you see on the TV, in the news programs; where you see the old way of working with people.  One can relate this to governments, the workplace, sometimes the way that people are educated. 

We can look at all the various ways in which your life is transforming right now and the result is that the majority is the influx of the higher vibration.  When people feel uncomfortable or awkward because they do not how to handle something that is so new and different they step into resistance.  It’s not even a conscious thought they don’t think, “Gee I’m uncomfortable here I’m going to resist it”.  It is just the body and the mind’s natural reaction.

2019 Open to the Flow