Channeled Meditation

How often to consciously align with your higher self?  How often do you consciously strengthen the bond that is always there?

As this energy aligns with your Higher Self, just as you took a moment to connect with Gaia, take this moment to really feel what this space is for you or we can just create your space.  Your Higher Self is a vibration. It flows into a higher vibration and it comes down close to the Earth.  You are repeatedly stepping up into it, in and out of it, in your daily life. 

Therefore, create your space and I invite you to make sure there are no walls and no limitations.  This we will call your Conscious Space within your Higher Self so that you just take a deep breath in and expand upward and you are there.  As you are looking for an answer to a problem and you want to tap into that you are there.

Be in the Flow of Love