Daily Message, January 28, 2023

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Channeled Message

I wish for all of you to look at this from here in the All That Is and just open up your awareness and say I would like to align with The Nama Sika Room. Now it is going to shift you down because it is closer to your earth plane reality. So, if you would like, you could just look at it as if from a distance and remain within the All That Is.

As we look at it there is a life force. It’s as if it pulsates with the consciousness that it is. There is a light that emanates. There are times when you might notice it gets massive and then times when it gets small. It is whatever it needs to be at any given time. You will notice there are times when people come in; they’re feeling troubled, perhaps alone, perhaps scared. Then you could see how if nobody is in there then the consciousness of the room itself surrounds that person with love and light. But what gets summoned are those of you that go there on a consistent basis. You may not know it with your conscious mind but you are going there to help someone that is asking for help.

2023 A Year of Movement

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