Channeled Message

The flow of energy continues to move.  As it moves through those that are in a very rigid stance, a very rigid resistance.  Perhaps you have heard them speak, “I don’t care what the new energy is. I don’t care that you want to change things.  I am doing it my way and that is the only way and that is the way I’ve always done it.”  That type of rigid resistance we now bring it up in this moment ~whew~ and we send out a ball of light so that it may soften that resistance allowing people to feel a greater ease within their life. Because someone that is that rigid is not happy.  Things are not moving in an easy flow for them. 

So, as we send out those balls of light, they come out from each one of you and anybody else that is in alignment with this vibration and it flows throughout the world.  You are an antenna for the crystalline vibration.  You only need be yourself and in doing so the vibration comes in and move through you until there is a natural flow of the energy.  It’s you.  It’s happening.  Be in that flow.

2019 Open to the Flow