Daily Message, January 26, 2023

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Channeled Message

Okay, as Shelly’s energy arrived there before I could even say it, I was going to suggest that you ask what level am I now. She heard 5.8. So, for her vibration, she was in the higher end of the 5th dimension. When she was here in this everyday reality it was 4 – 5. So, feel the difference, and for those of you with your analytical mind you can tell, ah it’s a different number it must be a different frequency. I recognize that I am analyzing this and it’s somewhat keeping you in your mental body, but there are many of you that have been asking for a better way to understand and that is why I am talking about it in this manner for this one only.

This is something fun you can play!! If you just ask casually and don’t really focus, it will flow with ease and strengthen. 

2023 A Year of Movement

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