Channeled Message

When you have a lot of people, meaning millions of people and billions probably, that are unconscious of what is happening in the world that knee-jerk reaction of resistance is what is causing all these things to happen upon the Earth.  So, we therefore at the beginning of this year; we will do it when we’re in the All That Is, but I wish to do it right now when everybody is fully grounded upon the Earth. 

I invite everyone to simply take in this moment breathing in the vibration of the fifth dimension and higher and simply let it move through you wave, upon wave, upon wave into the Earth.  We have a very clear and specific intention that this moves through releasing anyone who is unconscious of what is taking place so that they may find that they have a purpose or a greater understanding.  For all of those that are in the flow and seeking that ~whew~ we send it in. 

2019 Open to the Flow