Daily Message, January 23, 2023

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Channeled Message

Speaking about your choices in everyday living:

Part of the ways in which you will access this is through discernment. Rather than just listening to somebody else and doing what they say, or parroting what they say, each one of you are responsible for your own choices. You’re responsible for your own reactions to whatever may be going on in your life. When you get those ups and downs you can choose to go into the very negative aspect of it, or figure out how to create a positive way of looking at it.

I hear you. Some of you are saying well some people are just not very positive they’re just negative people. However, you are listening to this you can make that choice and even if it is your second nature choose anything that’s going to allow you to feel better about yourself, to feel better about whatever that situation may be, and to be stronger within your own right. That is my intention for every one of you this year.

2023 A Year of Movement

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