Channeled Message

As you look around at all of the people, the Angels, the Light Beings, these are but the Ascended Masters, look, I invite you to look also at all the Angels, the Guardian Angels. Look at the people upon the earth that were the anchors for those individual Guardians. Never is it just one person that can create the type of change that was created with my birth. Thousands of years ahead of that came Buddha, Abraham. There have been so many others that came in attempting to do what I did and each time they set the seeds of light within the consciousness of the earth.

Each time they would get a certain amount of success and then things would collapse upon themselves. This is why we work very diligently this time and when I was born into that lifetime there were so many people around so as to create the support and the anchor that would allow me the opportunity to have the life I chose.

This really struck me as I read it.  The earth has tried this ascension process many times and I wondered how many times was I a part of that?  Do you ever consider your past lives and having worked with this type of transition.  It’s truly amazing that this time is successful!! 

You Are the Emerging Light