Daily Message January 15, 2021

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Channeled Message

Take a deep breath in, expand into a higher vibration and open to the flow~~~

I’m going to show before you what the Earth looked like from this perspective in the year 2000. You can see how things shrunk. You can see the density. You can see the slow movement of the impulses. By 2005 there is a subtle change, but also quite dense and the pathways are quite slow. In 2008 there was an opening into the fourth dimension and that’s when the 5th dimension began to much more consciously come into the Earth. So, look now at 2010. Now you can see a significant difference. Since 2010 we’ve had a great number of crystalline children born upon the Earth.  They’re that vibration. They don’t think about it, they don’t work at it; they just are and they’re just doing so much work because you have set that potential for them and it sets this presence.

Let us look into this now moment December 20, 2020. Look at the earth. Look at the Collective Consciousness and look at the Matrix. It is a beautiful sight to see and the way that we see it is that there is still some density there, but a fraction of what it was.  The Matrix is almost completely rebuilt in its expanded state.  The last parts of that are taking place right now.

Ascension Complete, Yeshua Speaks

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