Channeled Message

This is a very exciting time to be upon the earth, to be involved in the energy work. This is a time in which many things of the past are being released and cleared out while many things of the future have been established and are now coming into your reality. What is this you may ask? What does it mean to you? How are you going to be in this existence? More than ever your free will and the creation of your choices are going to be just that, your choices. More than ever in this vibration, that which is flowing through you from your higher self and your divinity is going to be making your options available to you more fully and readily and if that is taking place in your reality but yet so much of your focus remains within your ego or the limitation of this mind’s consciousness it will be brought up to you and you will feel as if,  “I have a choice, I have a choice, I have a choice, I have a choice”. Allow me to say that if the perception from your mental body is “I have no choice I simply have to do this” that’s really a trigger to know “I do have a choice”, “I can choose my reality”, “I can choose to interpret this differently”, “I can choose exactly how it is that I wish to live my life”. You’ve always had this potential but never more strongly than what it is right now.

You Are the Emerging Light