Daily Message January 11, 2021

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Channeled Message

Sometimes people will ask us, well what don’t I know; please go ahead and tell me what I don’t know so that I will be informed. If we were to say things to you that were so far out of your scope you would think Oh, okay pretty strange, but okay and it won’t resonate with you.  It won’t make sense to you.  This is why step by step people are understanding and people are awakening, which is what this whole Solstice is about.

I have experienced this many times. The Goddess or my group would tell me something, then I try to find it within my reality.  Oftentimes, it will be at a later date and suddenly I realize my first idea was not the whole picture, it was limited.  This is what the Goddess is speaking about.

 Ascension Complete, Yeshua Speaks

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