Daily Message January 09, 2021

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Channeled Message

I the Goddess first began working and coming into this energy around the year 2001. I represented Crystalline energy. I represented the high vibration and it was for me a very early time to come into this space and I have worked with this individual ever since then. Well, we actually begin about a year before she began actually channeling me.

I ask you to take this moment and think back to the last three, five, twenty years, whatever time you would like, and ask yourself when was it that I became aware that there was something going on that was bigger than me? I have to smile because I heard someone say last week. Excellent. But I know from earlier today to the last any number of years people have been an awakening, and the awakening has been about raising your frequency, expanding your consciousness, seeing with clear eyes all that is around you.

Ascension Complete, Yeshua Speaks

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