Daily Message January 08, 2021

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Channeled Message

I can appreciate how there has been so much discussion about the ascension process. You’ve heard it from me. You’ve heard it from many others. And in our discussions, it has been: the energy is here, the process is here, we’re moving through, life is changing.  Because this has been so prevalent, in particular for the last eight years, many of you have already moved beyond and a living in that higher light vibration. I, therefore, acknowledge for you that you have done an excellent job of assisting in this transformation to bring us to where we are right now. Without you – the many, many Light Workers who began this process as much as 50 years ago we could not be where we are right now. I, therefore, thank you and everyone else that is from this side of the energy. We the support people for you upon the Earth, we are all here in celebration of humanity.

Ascension Complete, Yeshua Speaks

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