Channeled Message

So, let us follow judgment until you go all the way down into the cells within your body.  As you consider that cellular structure of who you are, go into that moment.  Go into any cells within you that are holding on to  judgment of yourself or anybody else and just transform those cells.  You breathe in your Divinity.  You breathe in your light and it just moves into those cells within you. 

As I am observing you I found some people had pain in their side that was released as you cleared the cellular energy of judgment.  I noticed someone else was having pressure and headaches that was released as they let go of judgment. 

So while judgment is coming through your mental body and your ego, it can be felt in your emotions and your physical body and in your perception of everything.  There you go infuse love into every cell that has contained judgment.  Infuse the vibration for who you are into every cell within your body. 

YES, you can create change in your life!  You can create from a cellular level outward a life without judgment. 

Be Yourself!