Channeled Message

Welcome, Welcome 2020~~  

Here we go, a New Year, a new decade.  It doesn’t seem as if we have focused on a new decade in the past, perhaps this is something that goes along with the new energy.  Energetically, the past 10 years have had a massive transformation!  The next 10 years will be even more of a change. The energy flows so quickly and the clarity that is coming about is ever-present.  People have the opportunity to seek that clarity or not; it is your choice. However, making a conscious choice to follow the flow of opportunities will truly create amazing changes in your life. 

I invite you to be open.  I invite you to let go of the past and step fulling into the now.  Your past is what created your reality; however, it is a story that is left behind as you so choose.  Learn from the past, be open to the now and step fully into the future. 

Much love and light in your year to come!!