Channeled Message

This is talking about those things we have tried to manifest over and over: 

You will have the potential to live your life in a different way. I can hear some of you saying, “Well we’ve always had that potential, that’s nothing new.” Indeed, however one of the things that I am working with and many other Angels and Star beings are working with people is to help you to understand how you can move into new and different realities or new and different choices.

And yet we stubbornly want exactly what we want…….

You may think to yourself, “Well this is what I’ve wanted. I haven’t changed my mind. I still want what I always wanted” and I would invite you to say if that is your truth, then let it go. It makes people so mad when I say that and I get it. When you have been in a place of seeking to manifest a change that seems like it’s always right there, right outside your reach, just beyond you and what your everyday reality is, it creates a rut in which you’re just going around and around and around. So in this journey tonight let‘s let all that go.

The Vibration of Forgiveness