Channeled Message

People will ask us, “How do I know I’m linking to my Higher Self?  How is it different than my everyday self?  What is my Higher Self?  Why does it even matter?”  You as your Soul are a very high vibration.  You as the Human vibrate at earthly levels and dimensions.  Therefore, the blend that is your Divinity and your Personality from this lifetime creates a place in which it comes together and this is your Higher Self. 

This is why when you allow your focus and your energy to go up into that space you have that bigger perspective that comes from Soul.  You also have that energy and blend that supports you in your everyday life.   So, all that you need to do is send your focus and your consciousness up.  It may feel to you as if it is exactly you in your Earthly existence however that intention of linking with that higher vibration does shift you upwards and it does give you that expanded reality.

Do you ever practice with this?  Have you noticed it is working any easier the more conscious you become? 

You Are Love