Daily Message February 20, 2021

by | Feb 20, 2021 | Goddess Messages | 0 comments

Channeled Message

Take a deep breath in and have the intention to align with your crystalline self. This is the part of you from the universe through your divinity. 

As this aspect is transmitting into you the vibration of the crystalline is also transmitting potentials and opportunities that are available to you either now or in the near future. Many of you do not have the conscious awareness of what is being transmitted to you and I, therefore, send a vibration or a supportive energy that will help each one of you to open up your senses, be it to see, feel, know, taste or touch. Those are the basic senses, and also hearing, that you have utilized, and moving forward there will be other ways in which you will also receive information.

Integrate Your Crystalline Aspect

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