Channeled Message

Let us speak of love.  Let us speak of love as it is reflected here within the All That Is.  As we look around this space there are more colors pinks, blues, magenta’s, yellows and these colors it is as if they flow one into another expressing a movement of whatever someone is thinking.  So, if you wish to go within yourself think of something and then open up your consciousness to perceive what happens around you. 

What I saw as I invited people to do this was there were some that had these huge waves that were then surrounding them.  Others had these very subtle movements that we’re taking place.  Others were saying, “I don’t see anything, I don’t sense anything, I don’t feel anything”.  However, even if you did not have a perception of movement.  Movement did take place around you. 

This is an important thing to consider in your life.  Most of humanity responds to what they know.  Many people if it is it outside of their knowledge or their belief systems will say okay, sure, I don’t know what that is, but I believe in the potential.  Then there are very many people that if it is outside their comfort zone or their belief it creates fear in them and it causes them to pull back.  In this now moment whether you see, sense, or know the flow of these beautiful energies around you I ask you to open to that potential whether you see it, sense it, or not; that this love, this light, and this vibration is flowing around you. 

Ah yes you can feel and see it now.  If nothing else many people feel as if they have just received a hug. This is a hug from your Divinity, a hug from the Universe, a hug from all the love and the light that is present. 

Love’s Vibration