Channeled Message

You know there’s always a laundry list not only from Shelly but from humanity about why things don’t work and about why you try something and then it doesn’t work and you think “See, I am not in the right vibration. I’m not in the right place at the right time. Everything always happens for its right timing”. These are your thoughts and your beliefs and that statement, each one of those statements is absolutely true.

However, as humanity when you make statements like that you don’t make them objectively you make them with an energy of judgment. An energy that says, “Things happen at the right time, yes, that is absolutely true, however, I’m mad that the right time is not right now. I’m mad that I have to wait longer or seek something or do something different” and then it creates that sense of “I am not good enough because I’m not doing it right”. 

Does this resonate?? If so, take a breath in, breathing out to let it go~~~

Integrating Your Senses