Channeled Message

The earth has transformed dramatically.  There are many who still debate that.  However, the 5th dimensional vibration was not available to people in just a general format until the last 10 years.  Think about where you were 10 years ago.  Was the 5th dimension the focus of your thoughts and your reality?  Probably not.  However, it was the focus for thousands and millions of Light Workers living upon the Earth.  Star Beings, Angels, all levels of consciousness people have been working very diligently to clear out the vibrations that pull people down and to flood more, and more, and more of the 5th dimensional energies to the Earth. 

At the beginning, as we would bring in the crystalline vibration it was as if it was coming in small little bursts because there was not enough vibrational balance for it to integrate.  At this time, if you take a look around, you see that there is a constant flow of the crystalline vibration and the crystalline light that is moving into the Earth Plane.  This is why so much is changing.